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The Arrivals pt.39 (The Caliphs & The Imams)

We kindly request all our supporters, uploaders, translators, and fellow youtubers to replace the older version of this episode with this upgraded one. Spread the Word.

This episode was remade mainly because, in a series that calls for unity and the common ground, these upgrades were a necessary step to ensure that this call is clear. These upgrades were bcz of a conscious effort for the sake of the unity of the viewers and the muslim ummah. Unite over your overwhelming similarities, respect your brothers and sisters in islam, as well as your brothers and sisters in humanity. Build to achieve positive change.
A msg to muslims viewers:
This is an upgraded version of episode 39, highlighting the central msg in a more balanced and moderate approach. Those who were followers of the series will recognize the upgrades. May it it be a beneficial one that inspires others to produce videos of unity. You fighting each other only strengthens the achievements of fitna created by these murders. However allowing each other to have different forms of opinions or schools of thought, while remaining united in Islam, is the answer and the successful way forward. We are humans, not robots, we are all unique and can never have the same opinions and interpretations. So spread understanding and compassion in sunnah of the prophet pbuh, leave the judgement to Allah swt, and unite under Islam.

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