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Secrets of the Universe?(Full Version) - Music by Rafael Brom

Music from Record Album "Peace of Heart" - Rafael Brom

Released on Cosmotone Records

Published By Cosmotone Music (ASCAP)

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Rafael Brom

"Bubble universes", every disk is a bubble universe (Universe 1 to Universe 6 are different bubbles, they have physical constants that are different from our universe), our universe is just one of the bubbles.

Parallel Universes, hypothetical space, time, matter, energy, physical laws, cosmology, physics, astronomy, religion, philosophy, transpersonal psychology, fiction science, quantum mechanics, theory, theology, Multiverse, Big Bang, cosmological horizon, Ultimate Ensemble, Cyclic theories, M-theory Anthropic principle, string theory, Black Energy, chaotic inflation, Asteroids, Comets, superstring theory, Einstein, gravity, Clusters, Supernovas and Astrophysics.

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peace heart Rafael Brom Parallel Universes hypothetical space time matter energy physical laws cosmology physics astronomy religion philosophy transpersonal psychology fiction Science quantum mechanics theory theology Multiverse

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