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SURAH SHUA'RAA [full] recited by Adul Rahman Al Sudais

BismiLLahi Rrahmanni Rraheim.
In the Name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful.

Asalaam Alaykoum Wa RahmatouLlah Wa Barakatouh All praise is due to the Lord of the world ALLAH (Subhana Llah Wa Taalah)
and peace and blessing is upon his Messenger Muhammad (S.A.W) his family and all his companions.

Surah Ashu'ara [chapter 26] complete surah with english translation.
This surah was revealed in Makkah and has a total of 227 [Aayah] verses.

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For the Commentary, or Tafseer of Ibn Katheer, please go to: http://www.tafsir.com

To download Tafseer Ibn Katheer, please right click below and click on
"Save Target/Link As...": http://kalamullah.com/Books/tafsirkathir


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Recitation of the Noble Qur'aan
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Wa Jazakoum Allah Khayraan.

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Surah SHUARAA shua'ara full complete recited by abdul Rahman as Sudais sdeis sadeis sodeis with English.... translation sutitles clear Beautiful recitation imam Qari shaikh sheikh shaykh makkah Madinah holy month city haram tar

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