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Secret of Secrets

For more information, go to: www.secretofsecrets.info

1. Could it be possible that what we call reality is really a computer generated virtual reality program.

2. What is the true nature of Man, God and reality?

3. Is the univers really a vast computer? If so, what is its operating system?

4. Is what we call life really a program being run by the operating system of the universe?

5. Are our physical bodies really avatars which we operate within this virtual reality program we call "the real world"?

6. What is the programming language of the operating system of the universe, and how can we literally write programs that change reality?

7. Why is the current world order referred to as Matrix 4.0? And what is the nature of Matrx 4.0?

8. What is the new world order referred to as Matrix 5.0? And what will be the nature of Matrix 5.0?

9. How should we prepare for the transition from Matrix 4.0 to Matrix 5.0 in the 2012, and which is now underway?"

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