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Allama Zameer Akhtar: The Prophet Muhammad's(saw.a.w) Successor(Wassi) Moula Ali(a.s) {p2}

* No One Claims To be A Successor of a Prophet Muhammad In History
* Meanings of Wassiyat(will) are "To Order Someone" "Make Someone abutter own Inherits"
* {Al-Quran,Sura-e-Marium}Prophet Zakariya Ask To Allah for A heir in Namaz
* Prophet Muhammad's Inherits
* Ref: Allama Hilli's Book Kitab-ul-Wasiyat
* Meaning Of The Word "Khaatam-ul-Anbia"
* Why Imammat Is Important After Prophecy?
* Reply of Why Moula Ali Didnt Put Off Zulfiqar?
* Hadiths of Prophet That"I Want To Kill Some Group of People Before Announcing Ali As My Successor But I Will Not Do that beacause People Will Take Them Innocent""

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Allama Zameer Akhtar Successor Prophet Muhammad History Wassi Will Abutter Inherits Al Quran Sura-e-Marium

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