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The Path to Karbala - Documentary

The documentary, created in 2005, is aimed at creating awareness throughout the world about imam Hussain (as). For decades sectarianism has created walls around this great personality. The fact is that, both Shi'a and Sunni agree on the purpose of his mission, yet one limits Imam Hussain (as) to itself and the other denies it as a counter measure. But, the time is now to unveil the secret of the noble man to the world. Shi'a and Sunni brothers have come together for this noble cause. An epic of his journey from Medina to Karbala from the eyes of our ulemas. Authentic account on this great journey that became a beacon of light for future generations.


H.I Moulana Mohammad Rizvi
Prof. B. Sayyid Soharwardi
Sayyid Ammar Nakhshwani
Moulana Ahmed Quadri
Br. Wael-Al-Zain

'There are few who know their moment of death, there are fewer people who walk towards it and there is only one that gives others a chance to join him' - Rumi

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