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Karbala the story of heroism and sacrifice Part 1

This is a Documentary on what Happend on the land of Karbala. Prophet Muhammad (saws) said," Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain", Hussain is the Guiding Light and Vessel of Saftey, Explains What caused Karbalaa to Happen, and Why it happend, Karbalaa was a war Islam Against Jahaliyaa (Ignorance), Yazid Ibn Muawyiah wanted to avenge for his great grandfathers who ranged war against Imam Ali (as) father of Hussain (as). Yazid wanted to take the Leader position and be called "Ameer al Mu3mineen" meaning "Commander of the faithfuls" this title has only been given to the father of Hussain (AS) Ali ibn Abi talib (pbuh) because he was the one chosen by Allah (sw) to lead the Muslims after the death of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). Please Rate, Comment, Subscribe, Share and Favorite. Thanks for watching!!


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The Tragedy of Karbalaa Karbala kerbala Hussain hassan fatimah fatima ali aliya eliya Documentary sayyed amar nakshawani jasim na3e hussayn guiding light vessel Safety prophet Prophets muhammad mohamed War tyranny oppression

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