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Imamat and Wilayat-e-Takwiniah امامت أور ولايت تكوينية

In the light of the teachings of the Holy Quran [5:55; 4:59; 24:35] & the sayings of Prophet Mohammad (SAAS), Wilayat-e-Takwiniah is the universal authority of Allah, the Prophet Mohammad (SAAS), & his 12 successor Imams. They are the absolute Masters of all the universes [Quran 1:2, 21:107, 5:67 & 5:3].

As for the Imam(s), Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was given the title of Imam after he went through a number of tests [Quran 2:124]. Thus, while we have discussed many conditions for an Imam, the most important condition is that he is appointed by Allah alone. An Imam is a source of connection between the earth & skies. And, but for Mohammad wa Ale Mohammad, Alehim Salam, Allah would not have created anything.

Ma'refet-e-Imam (Knowing the Imam) is the root of Eman (Faith) & the negation of Imamat & Wilayat is the negation of Risalat & Tauheed.

Allah has granted some authority to the Angels & Prophets (AS). For example, He gave the prophets the authority to create [3:49], the authority over winds, rivers, jinns, birds & animals [27:17; 34:12; 21:81; 27:19, 20-22; 34:10; 38:17-20, 36-37], & even the authority to bring into life the lifeless objects [27:10; 7:117]. It should not come as a surprise then, that He granted Mohammad wa Ale Mohammad absolute authority over His Creation."

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Hussain Hasan imam ali fatima Allah Mohammad muhammad Hossain Wilayat

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