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Bibi Zainab Documentary

An excellent video on the role of Bibi Zainab (AS) in Karbala, Kufa, and Sham (Damascus, Syria) with a focus on her khutbas (sermons) that broke the backbone of Yazeediat and Sufiyaniat. She is truly the defender and protector of Wilayat-e-Ali and Aal-e-Ali. Along with Imam Zainul Abidin (AS) ibne Imam Hussain (AS), she also laid the foundation of azadari -- the lifeline for those who love Prophet Mohammad (SAAS) and his Ahle Bait (AS).

A section on what we can learn from her role after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS), his family members, and friends in Karbala presents the theme of this effort.


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