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Dua Kumail Live arbaeen from Karbala HQ Thursday night (Try to fast 1 of 3 last days of Shabaan)

Imagine what the mothers of those fallen in the Arab Spring or Parichinar will go through this Ramadan. Karbala teaches you humanity (including) through empathy. If you empathised with the mothers of these children when you looked at your own, you would never dream of selling out. Is it not tragic that those that remember the martyrs of Egypt, put on their blinkers or should I say Sectarian lens' and forget those of Bahrain? Dua is for the self even if is for for others, one of the reasons you are aked to remember the oppressed daily is so you empathise and improve yourself developing your hatred for all that is foul and increasing your conviction to improve the lot of humanity. If the Shia with the perfect role models they have can not understand this then what hope is there for the rest? The daughter of Fatima (sa) is with the oppressed in their struggle and her message
Zainab's message - "Any of you who are related to or committed to this family - anyone who is faithful to the mission of Muhammad (saww) - you must think and select - in every age, every generation, in whatever land you may be; you must listen to the message of the martyrs of Karbala who said:

'Those can live well who can die well.'

"You who believe in the message of divine unity and the Qur'an as well as the way of Ali and his family and you who will come after us, the message of our family to humanity is the art of how to live well and how to die well.

"If you are religious, you have a responsibility to your religion. A liberated person also has a responsibility towards human liberty. Witness your time. Witness the conflict between the truth and falsehood of your age. Wherever our martyrs bear witness, they are aware and alive and always present. They are a symbol and bear witness to the truth and falsity, the destiny and fate of humanity."

A martyr embraces all of these. Each revolution has two visages: blood and a message. Anyone who has chosen the responsibility of accepting truth, anyone who knows what a Hussaini's responsibility means, anyone who underĀ­stands the responsibility of the freedom of humanity, must know that in the permanent battle of history -,everywhere and everyplace, all fields - are Karbala, all months are Muharram, all days are Ashura and thus one must choose: either blood or bearing the message, to be either Husayn ('a)-like or Zainab-like(as), to die like Husayn ('a) or remain like Zainab (sa), if he does not want to be absent and always wants to have presence.

Hussain and Zainab this brother and sister showed you the way to freedom but only you can make your destiny. If you take one step towards them they will take several steps to help you. Reclaim the true meaning of martyrdom freedom for all (and not to kill innocents on trains ), Freedom for Christian Muslims and all Egyptians. Do not forget those who have fallen and do not let their sacrifice be in vain for you and not give you maximum benefit. Freedom is round the corner seize the moment, seize your destiny and with the blood of those that you have lost Damn the miserable fate, Damn the slavery to Pharoes, Damn Mubarak and his thugs! Today is the day! There are no tomorrows unless Hayhat Mina Zilla! Hayhat Mina Zilla! Hayhat Mina Zilla!

(as) ahlebait tv hadi tv salaam tv ahlulbayt tv velayat tv ahlulbayt tv
sermon of Fatima Shia Islam Shia Muslims part 2"

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